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At DreamDecks, we’re committed to transforming your outdoor living dreams into reality. Our design consultations are not only free but a crucial step in ensuring your vision comes to life. Here’s how the process works
Expertise and Experience

Our design consultation process begins with understanding your unique deck needs and style preferences. We’ll guide you through a straightforward information gathering process, helping us better comprehend your vision.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We ask you to share some pictures of your existing space, your home, and the surroundings. These images serve as the canvas for your dream deck project.

Personalized Attention

Our experienced team will collaborate to brainstorm ideas, exploring design possibilities that align with your desires and the potential of your outdoor space.

Quality and Craftsmanship

To truly grasp the scope of your project, we arrange an on-site visit to your location. This visit allows us to see your deck, your home, and the surrounding environment firsthand. We believe that understanding the physical space is essential for creating the perfect deck design.

Step 5: Measurements and Augmented Reality

During our visit, we take precise measurements to ensure accuracy in the design process. We also utilize augmented reality technology to provide renderings of your current deck, helping you visualize potential changes.

Step 6: 3D Model Rendering

The culmination of our design consultation process is the creation of a 3D model rendering of your dream deck. This rendering brings your vision to life, allowing you to make adjustments and truly envision your dream deck.

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Vital Images

1. Overall Space: Wide-angle shots from different angles help us understand your outdoor layout.

2. Existing Deck (if applicable): Share close-ups of your current deck, focusing on areas that need attention.

3. Inspirational Designs: Show us images that inspire your dream deck—your style, colors, and unique features.

4. Adjacent Structures: Photograph nearby structures like pools or gardens for seamless integration.

5. Focal Points: Highlight key elements—views, gardens, or architectural features—to enhance your design.

6. Preferred Materials and Colors: Share your material and color preferences, ensuring a deck that suits your taste.

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