Premium Composite Decks, Redefine Luxury

Luxury knows no bounds with our Premium Composite Decks. Elevate your outdoor living to new heights of opulence and durability. Discover how Dream Decks brings together premium materials and expert craftsmanship to redefine the concept of luxury decking.

Unleashing Unrivaled Elegance

Our Premium Composite Decks stand as a testament to unparalleled elegance. Crafted with premium materials, these decks represent the pinnacle of luxury, ensuring a space that captivates with its exquisite design and withstands the test of time.

Expert Craftsmanship & Premium Finishes 

Meets Prestige At Dream Decks, we are committed to expert craftsmanship. Paired with premier brands like Trex, TimberTech, and Deckorators, our Premium Composite Decks not only embody luxury but also set a standard for enduring quality.

Custom Designs for Your Unique Taste

Indulge in the luxury of customization. Dream Decks offers a range of tailored options to enhance your Premium Composite Deck, from sophisticated railings to ambient lighting, creating an outdoor oasis tailored to your unique taste.

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Pricing & Financing

Clear and Competitive Rates

Dream Decks provides clear and competitive pricing, ensuring you have a transparent view of the costs associated with creating your dream outdoor space. Our commitment is to offer value that aligns with your budget.

Approximate Price Range

While the exact cost varies based on factors such as deck size, materials, and customization, our pressure-treated wood decks typically start at an approximate range of $25 to $35 per square foot. For standard composite decks, you can expect a starting range of $40 to $60 per square foot. Premium composite decks, offering luxury and durability, generally start at $60 per square foot and can go higher depending on specific features.

Flexible Financing Options Partnered with Dollar Bank

Dream Decks is proud to partner with Dollar Bank, a trusted financial institution, to provide flexible financing options. Our collaboration allows you to explore financing solutions that fit your financial goals, making your dream deck more accessible than ever.

Tailored Financing Plans

Whether you’re looking for short-term financing or a more extended payment plan, Dream Decks works with you to create a financing plan tailored to your preferences. We understand that each project is unique, and our goal is to make the financing process seamless and convenient for you.

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