Deck Additions:
Expand Your Outdoor Haven

Enhance your outdoor living experience with Dream Decks’ custom deck additions. Whether you envision a cozy corner or an expansive entertainment area, we bring your ideas to life with precision and flair.

Personalized Expansion

Collaborate on creating additional spaces that align with your outdoor needs.Tailor your deck additions to enhance comfort, aesthetics, and functionality.

Unique Design Elements

Explore creative design elements to make your deck additions stand out. Our team integrates unique features that reflect your individual style.

Seamless Integration

Ensure a harmonious blend between existing and new deck spaces. Our design approach considers the overall aesthetics and flow of your outdoor area.

Our Process

Collaborate, Design, Build. 
A seamless journey to your personalized outdoor oasis.

Vision Discussion
  • Schedule a consultation to discuss your vision for deck additions.
  • Share your ideas and preferences, allowing us to understand your outdoor goals.

Design Collaboration
  • Receive a detailed design proposal outlining the envisioned deck additions.
  • Collaborate with our team to make adjustments until the design aligns with your vision.

Precision Construction
  • Our skilled team executes the construction of your custom deck additions.
  • We prioritize precision and attention to detail to ensure a seamless integration.

Final Assessment
  • Conduct a final assessment to ensure the new deck additions meet your expectations.
  • Your satisfaction is our priority, and we aim to exceed your outdoor expansion goals.

TrexPro Platinum Partner

Dream Decks has been trained on the proper installation of Trex products. Our approach to business emulates the quality and professionalism of the Trex brand.

Premium Deck Materials

At DreamDecks, we take pride in being Trex Certified, showcasing our dedication to sustainable practices.

Explore our top-tier composite and wood selections to elevate your deck experience. Our decks boast industry-leading products, providing low-maintenance longevity and traditional charm. All composite decks come with manufacturer warranties, and our wood decks feature #1 pressure-treated lumber paired with lifetime warranty vinyl rails. We are committed to satisfaction, ensuring a thorough cleaning and final walk-through for each project.

Ready to transform your outdoor space?

Schedule a free consultation with our design experts and embark on the journey to your dream deck.

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